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How Can ARX Training benefit you?

Improve Bone Density

The best tool to rehabilitate individuals with osteoporosis is the safe application of mechanical tension. (aka: exercise) When the proper amount of resistance (loading) is applied to your bones, tendons, and ligaments, they will gradually begin to reconstruct themselves to become stronger, more resilient, and ultimately have a higher resistance to injury.

Enhance Mobility

Improve your ability to move well and enjoy every activity with the one's you love. Strengthening your bones, muscles, and tendons through controlled strength training, gives your body the strength it needs to keep up on all adventures.

Decrease Pain

Since the ARX technology is not using physical weights, it matches your force with the ideal resistance every second. So unlike most exercise programs with traditional weights, you can perform the eccentric action of the exercise with more resistance than the concentric. This allows you to challenge yourself, in a completely low impact environment, thus reducing any injury risk.

About ARX Training

ARX can perfectly load every user to their optimal level and do so without worry of injury in the process.  One of the best ways to load the bones, tendons, and ligaments is through “overload negatives” in which your body adapts to the highest level of SAFE loading it can handle, thus  building bigger, & stronger bones.

This unique ability to load on the negative of any movement is what makes ARX the best tool in the world to safely and effectively maintain your bone density and integrity.

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