At Evolution Fitness, we know you lead a very busy lifestyle that puts a premium on your time. So when it comes to working out at the gym, you want maximum results with minimum time invested. Your time-starved schedule doesn’t allow for long hours at the gym.

With High Intensity Training (HIT), you don’t have to battle that nagging guilt about not making time for the gym. Why? Because when you approach working out with a HIT regimen, you are working your muscles harder in much less time!

This safe, low-impact form of exercise can work for you whether you are a casual visitor to the gym, a novice to working out, a gym rat, or into bodybuilding. HIT is a challenging yet satisfying method of working out because of the significant and meaningful resistance— performed on our state-of-the -art computer-controlled ARX machines—that your body undergoes during your intense sessions.

Your body adapts to the types of stress you put it through. So when you exercise properly and get your muscles to reach a state of momentary fatigue, your body’s defense mechanisms will kick in. When you move slowly on our ARX machines and create a constant tension to a point of momentary muscle fatigue, you will experience a deeper level of muscle exertion than you ever have before!

How does HIT work?

Through HIT, you use the natural response to physical stress by exercising at a high level of intensity. You also allow your body the adequate amount of rest so your muscles can build up naturally between workout sessions. The intense nature of these workouts requires that they be short and infrequent to realize optimal benefits!

This type of strength training, done correctly, is a very therapeutic form of exercise.

You don’t have to wait to implement HIT if you’re contending with joint aches, lower back pain, or are recovering from an acute injury. Your caring, expert personal trainer at Evolution Fitness will customize your strength training program to adapt to your personal health and injury status.

A HIT workout regimen is actually foundational to restoring your optimal health and function!

You can be assured that your compassionate, highly skilled personal trainer at Evolution Fitness will give you undivided attention with the exact dose of HIT exercise your body needs to adapt and grow stronger. When you combine our one-of-a-kind ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) equipment with our expert instruction and a personally prescribed HIT regimen, you can count on receiving the most effective and efficient workout possible!

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