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What To Expect

Day 1:

Consultation- Gathering your background information on previous injuries and current pain and applying the ARX model to your spefific case

Demonstration - Display the ARX equipment in action and gather full understanding on how it functions for maximum results

Day 2:

Body Scan And Max Test - We'll gather baseline data to see exactly where you stand and what to expect on the journey ahead

Baseline Workout - With the proper data in place, we'll move onto your first ARX workout where you can feel the difference of this advanced equipment.

Why high-tech ARX Training?

Time Effective

High Intensity, ARX Training, is an excellent option for the busy individual. Take control of your time & health with a 30 minute session, once a week!

High intensity = Large Results

Your body adapts to the types of stress you put it through. So when you exercise at a high intensity, perfectly tailored to you, you'll experience a deeper level of muscular strength than you ever have before!

Low Impact

State-of-the -art computer-controlled ARX machines create a challenging, yet low-impact, method of working out because of the significant and meaningful resistance performed in a session.

knowledgeable Trainer

Nathan Cook, owner of Evolution Fitness, is a certified Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

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Cut Down On Workout Time

Build Muscle & Bone Mass

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