High Intensity Training or HIT is a safe, low-impact form of exercise. Whether you are an exercise junkie or hesitant about exercising, HIT will win you over as it is a safe, effective form of exercise. How is it effective? HIT improves all aspects of your total body health in the least amount of time — less than one hour per week! This is important because you get faster results with HIT!

Whatever your lifestyle, age or fitness level, HIT is a natural choice for your workout program. And it requires minimal time commitment. If you’re already physically active, HIT pairs perfectly with CrossFit, Pilates, or intense cardio activities like long-distance running, triathlons, etc. The significant fitness benefits you gain with HIT enable you to excel at any sort of physical activities in the outdoors such as rock climbing, hiking, biking or skiing!

And the benefits to your health are profound! When HIT is the centerpiece of your workout regimen you will over time enjoy increased bone density, cardiopulmonary efficiency, increased metabolism, and you’ll have more energy! You’ll even decrease your risk of injury through enhanced balance, endurance, strength and power.

Peer-reviewed scientific research tells us that HIT improves performance and wards off injury.

No form of exercise beats the efficiency of HIT. Through HIT, you use the natural response to physical stress by exercising at a high level of intensity and then you give your body the proper amount of rest so your muscles build up naturally between workouts. Because of the intense nature of these workouts, your HIT sessions will be brief and infrequent so you can experience optimal benefits.

When you commit regularly to HIT, you’re guaranteed to become stronger as you safely build lean muscle. What you will appreciate most about HIT is how challenging yet satisfying this method of working out can be.

Once you’re using HIT, you will no longer look at exercise the same way again!